Langford proposes financial help for mass transit

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford said Monday he wants to use money from city events to fund a failing transit system.

Langford said national online ticketing agencies that book events in Birmingham aren't paying the city revenues it deserves.  So at a committee meeting Monday, Langford suggested the city partner with, a local company.

If councilors pass the agreement between the two, the company would pay the city $5 for every ticket to a Birmingham-event booked on its site.  Langford says a projected $4.2 million would be earmarked specifically to fix the transit system.
"With the domed stadium now coming into play, we have got to have a public transportation system that really works, Langford said.  "Magic City Tickets paying the city 4.2 million, earmark it for transit, that is the beginning of my efforts trying to improve transportation in the city."

Langford also said the first thing Birmingham has to do is create a system that runs every 10-15 minutes, like clockwork, on time.  "Clean buses, street cars, trolleys, I'm not talking about a bus system, I'm talking about a public transportation system that encompasses both buses, street cars, trolleys," Langford said.

Councilors will be asked to vote on the agreement, which Langford says costs the city nothing, at Tuesday's city council meeting.