Further cuts proposed by Jefferson County Commission

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Even deeper budget cuts have been proposed for some Jefferson County departments.

After a judge saved the sheriff's department from a 33% cut, the County Commission now says that money must come out of ten other departments. These departments are now looking at a 44.7% cut to protect the Sheriff.

On Monday, Commission President Bettye Fine Collins met with department heads and elected officials such as the district attorney and the tax collector. The basic message was for them to get ready to cut more and lay off more.

Collins says she wanted to prepare the other county offices on what to expect if a Jefferson County circuit judge upholds his ruling and prevents any cuts to Sheriff Mike Hale. Last week, Sheriff Hale won a court battle saying a loss of five million dollars would gut his entire patrol division. Collins says other county departments may have to make up for that five million dollars.

These cuts are not official. They are just preparing in case Hale gets to keep his five million dollars. The sheriff is set to sit down and discuss his budget with Commissioner Collins at two o'clock on Monday. Collins says she does not have much expectation of that meeting reaching a compromise.

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