Sheriff and his counsel discuss judge's ruling

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Sheriff Mike Hale is excited about sitting down with the Jefferson County Commission.

On Thursday, Judge Joseph Boohaker ruled in favor of the Sheriff in a court case filed to get $5 million taken from the Sheriff's budget back from the County Commission.

"I believe this case was all about the people of Jefferson County", said Hale during an interview on Good Day Alabama. He also added, "I really believe we should have been talking about this." while referring to the possibility of avoiding the legal procedures.

Hale's attorney, Rob Riley, mentioned that he felt the County Commission failed to take priorities into account in the cuts. "The law states priorites in budget cuts and the number one priority is public safety." said Riley. "There isn't another department with as many legal responsibilities."

Sheriff Hale says he looks forward to sitting down with the County Commission to negotiate the new budget and says that he can help with the budget crisis.