Judge Boohaker sides with Sheriff Hale

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Some Jefferson County taxpayers say they are relieved that Sheriff Mike Hale won't have to make deep cuts in his budget after Judge Boohaker ruled in the Sheriff's favor in a lawsuit against the Jefferson County Commission.

Boohaker's ruling doesn't preclude the possibility of the commission ever cutting the sheriff's budget, but says commissioners didn't make a good faith effort to negotiate with Hale this time around. Boohaker is asking both sides to head back to the negotiating table and try to hammer out a compromise. This comes as commissioners said Thursday the county may be out of money in two weeks.

"This has never been about Mike Hale or the deputies," Sheriff Hale said. "It has been about the men and women of this county, that deserve safe neighborhoods and safe communities."

Taxpayers we talked to said they are relieved the sheriff won't have to make deep cuts.

"I think they should get the money from somewhere else from the budget," said Tommy Schillaci, a Jefferson County taxpayer. "To keep everybody safe, they need some money so the money should come from somewhere else than where they're figuring."

Sheriff Hale said Thursday he is willing to negotiate.