Editorial: Occupational tax responses

The following remarks are replies to an editorial from WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, first aired on Tuesday, July 14, 2009.

William from Midfield

Stop trying to blame John Rogers. I don't see why they are paying double because they are paying a business license tax. Everybody that got a business have to pay that and I still have to pay occupational tax too because I have a job. So, don't blame John Rogers they should have to pay like everybody else should have to pay.

Helen from Fultondale

I wanted to address the occupational tax. It is deductible on your income tax. And it will keep part of your tax dollars in your community rather than sending them to Washington. The county needs that to provide the services that we all enjoy so much. Also, it should be for everyone because it being tax deductible and all well it's not going to hurt them financially. Our legislature needs to repeal, needs to reinstate the tax as it was originally and include everyone.

James-eastern section of town.

She's saying don't tax the professionals twice. Well the professionals already can write their business license expense off on their income tax. So, that's not taxing them twice.

SinisterMinister Writes

Not saying that I disagree with any of your editorial opinions, but I think you are flaunting your power as GM. I don't really care, at all, what your opinion is. Start a blog or something and sell that airtime to an advertiser. Or better yet, test the emergency broadcasting system. After all, it is only a test.