Morning news update

Busy day for Jefferson County

A legal battle over budget cuts between Jefferson County Commissioners and the sheriff is expected to come to an end today. A judge is scheduled to issue a ruling this afternoon, but the crisis grows today as commissioners meet to discuss laying off hundreds of county workers. There is a lot going on today for the Jefferson County Commission; from the ruling on the Jefferson County Sheriff's case to the beginning of a hearing involving a lawsuit filed by a Cooper Green Hospital patient. A lot is at stake today for the future of Jefferson County. At some point today, Judge Joseph Boohaker is expected to rule on the case of Sheriff Mike Hale versus the Jefferson County Commission. Hale is hoping the judge will order the commission to return the five million dollars they took from his budget last Thursday. If the ruling does not go his way, the Sheriff says he will have to cut over 150 deputies and dozens of other civilians. Also this afternoon, a trial involving Cooper Green hospital is expected to begin. The county is being sued by a patient at Cooper Green who claims the commission illegally took 4.7 million dollars from Cooper Green's Budget. All of this comes as the Jefferson County Commission admits it is running out of money. Yesterday, Jefferson County's delegation agreed on a framework on a replacement for the occupational tax. The new plan would reinstate the county's tax at it's current .05 percent and apply it to everyone, including licensed professionals like doctors and lawyers.

BJCC looks to make progress on domed stadium

Just days after the city released funds for the domed stadium, BJCC officials are already moving "forward" with its plans for the multi-purpose facility. The design phase is underway and will last about 18 months. Then it would take about 3 months to select a contractor. Officials are also working on new plans for the entertainment district. A group called Performa Entertainment is no longer the developer. Construction could begin in two years and building would take 3 years. 2014 is the expected date of completion.

No bingo for Birmingham, yet

There is no bingo for the city of Birmingham just yet. City council members were asked to vote on a new ordinance on Tuesday, but failed to do so. Until they vote, no permits will go out. The electronic bingo permits will be brought up again at a specially called public safety committee meeting on July 29th.

New details in robbery shooting

New details arise in the investigation involving a deadly shooting at a Birmingham convenience store. Police say a man was shot and killed after robbing the store Tuesday night and then exchanging gunfire with the store clerk. It happened outside the Vineyard Food Market on Crestwood Boulevard. Now police say they have not ruled out the possibility the suspect may have shot himself.

Sex offender home under investigation

At least a dozen sex offenders are living near one community. They all live in one apartment complex. The four bedroom complex on 36th Street North in Norwood is home to a ministry trying to help sex offenders turn their lives around. The founder says there are 12 convicted sex offenders living there, but the Sheriff's Department's website lists 18. State law says only one registered sex offender can live at one residence, meaning the complex could be in violation. Neighbors living nearby are upset and want something done about it. Birmingham police say they are investigating the complex.