Power to Save: Birmingham recycling center

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - At the community drop off Recycling Center in downtown Birmingham, a steady flow of people stop by to put their trash to good use.

Michael Churchman, members of the Alabama Environmental Council, and a host of volunteers help operate the facility. Churchman says they are all having to adjust to the center's popularity.

"You bring materials, drop them off and sort them off yourself," Churchman says.

The center is one of the few places in the state where glass is recycled. Bins each week fill up in just a matter of days.

"We saw a 40 percent increase last year in the materials over the previous year, so that tells us that people are continuing to get excited about doing something for the environment," Churchman says.

Because of those increased donations, new containers for aluminum cans, mixed steel and paper products have been added.

Churchman says he hopes by spreading the word, even more people will take advantage of one of the easiest ways to protect our natural resources.

"It saves money in the long term because it's a lot more energy efficient to recycle material than make one from a new product."

The Downtown Birmingham Community Recycling Center is located at 2431 Second Avenue North. For more information about the recycling center, visit their website at www.aeconline.org.