Case Closed in Jefferson County Sheriff vs County Commission

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) -- At 10:30 on Wednesday morning, the closing arguments concluded in the case of Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale versus the Jefferson County Commission.

Sheriff Hale is asking the Judge Joseph Boohaker to order the Jefferson County Commission to give back five million dollars it took from his budget last Thursday. Hale is also asking that the judge issue a restraining order ordering that the county commission not be able to tamper with his budget in the future.

During Wednesday's closing arguments attorney's for the county commission said that the sheriff's department would be able to operate if cuts are made.

Sheriff Hale's attorney told the judge that if the sheriff was ordered to cut his budget by five million dollars over 150 deputies would lose their jobs and public safety would be put at risk.

Judge Boohaker did ask both attorneys if they would agree to sitting down under court order and negotiating in good faith with each other.

Boohaker said he will issue a ruling in this case no later than Thursday at 3:00 p.m.