Robbery caught on tape in Mt. Olive

MT. OLIVE, AL (WBRC) -- Kevin Mosiar is not a man who keeps secrets.  He owns the BP gas station on Mt. Olive Road and all throughout his store there are signs, cameras and even a little pair of eyes telling you "You're being watched".

It did not make a difference to one man Wednesday night.  It was around 9:00 p.m. when Mosiar's surveillance cameras caught the robbery on tape.  The man enters the store and after going to the restroom, heads for the counter and asks for a pack of cigarettes.  The cameras show the clerk reaching up to grab a box. When she comes back down, the man has a gun pointed at her and demands money.  "When she gave him the money, he told her to lift up the drawer and let him see what was under it," says Sgt. Mike house of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.  "When she did that, he saw there was nothing under the drawer, and said, 'that's good.  Now I won't have to kill you.'"   After telling threatening the clerk one more time, the cameras show the robber leaving with cash in hand and the gun tucked under his arm.

Mosiar says since buying the store from his uncle in October, he has never had anything like this happen. "I'm very angry," Mosiar said.  "I'd like to go find him myself.  I work too hard and put in too many hours to have someone take it in a split second."

Deputies are asking for the public's help in finding the suspect.  He was wearing faded camouflage shorts and a blue shirt with Abercrombie written across the front. He stands about 6 feet, weighs 220 pounds and has a widow's peak hairline. If you have any information about the robbery, you are asked to call the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office at 325-1450.