City of Hoover may cut funding for schools

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The Hoover school board isn't giving up hope on keeping its funding from the city. Mayor Tony Petelos' budget plan calls for cutting all city funding for the schools this year and next.

Though it wasn't anywhere on the official agenda on Thursday night, the idea that the city may be pulling all its funding for the school system was certainly on everyone's mind - but board members said this fight is not over yet.

The school board's chairwoman said there are negotiations already underway to try and restore some or all of the $7 million in funding the mayor's budget proposal would have cut.

The Hoover City Council delayed a vote on the budget until next month at its meeting last Monday.

School board members say even if the city cuts the funding, they may be able to dip into reserves to cover the gap without making drastic cuts, but they're concerned about what kind of precedent this sets.

School board chairwoman Donna Frazier tells FOX 6 News "once you go forward, you can't go backwards, and that's the biggest concern of a lot of the people in our community. Is if the funding is taken from us, will we ever receive the funding again?"

"It's not an immediate crisis; it's laying the groundwork for future situations. We're not in a funding crisis right now, but what we do today provides the future," said board member Earl Cooper.