JeffCo commission expects many layoffs

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The 207 county workers are just the first round of a large number of layoffs expected in the coming weeks. "Everybody in that category came be laid off with 15 days notice. This is an emergency motion to start us on our path to possibly almost closing everything." says commission president Bettye Fine Collins.

Most of those losing their jobs will be 73 workers from roads and transportation. "It's a big hit. You hate it any time you have some one laid off. It's terrible we are trying to survive here." says commissioner Bobby Humphyres.

Humphryes says the loss of jobs will lead to delays in completing other road projects.

The sewer department is also taking a hit. Commissioner Jim Carns who oversees the department says this is a tough time for any one to lose their job. "It's terrible. It's absolutely terrible. I hate this. These people have families to feed and mouths to feed. Basically this is the beginning of what we have to do."

Collins says since a judge has struck down the county's occupational tax, the county will have to operate on eight million dollars a month. Collins says has to make deep cuts in order to keep the county offices open for the rest of July.

But the layoffs are not over, classified workers protected by the personnel board are expected to get notices they will lose their job by the end of the month. "Oh it's getting worse because of the all of the taxes are on the decline." says Collins.