Jefferson County Commission to vote on laying off 207 employees

Jefferson County Commissioners are ready to take out the red pen and begin their cuts.

Many knew cuts were coming because of the loss of the county's job tax.

Next week, the commissioners will vote to lay off 207 workers. The commission has announced their intention to vote on the layoffs next Tuesday. These will be non-classified workers. Basically, they are laborers who are not protected the Personnel Board. Most of the workers will be from Roads and Transportation, Environmental Services and from the Sewer Department.

Commission President Bettye Fine Collins says these cuts are necessary in order to make payroll for the rest of this month. Collins says, "Everybody in that category can be laid off with a 15 day notice. This is an emergency to start on us our path to probably almost closing everything."

The cost saving from the layoffs is 3.5 million dollars. The commission will also vote next week on suspending merit pay raises for classified workers. The cost savings on that vote is four million dollars.

More layoffs are expected in less than 30 days unless the county gets any help with its occupational tax crisis.