Testimony gets underway in Hoover rape case

Testimony gets underway for Hoover man charged with rape and impersonating a police officer.

A busy day in Jefferson County court Tuesday, as two women testified of being sexually abused by a Hoover man. Aaron Morrison, 34, is charged with first degree rape, impersonating a police officer, kidnapping and two counts of sexual abuse.

One woman told jurors the first incident happened in January 2008.  The Montgomery woman says she had come to Vestavia Hills to visit a friend. She says one night, while sleeping on her friend's couch, Morrison came over.  She says, in the middle of the night, he approached her while she slept on the couch and put his hand under her gown and propositioned her for sex.

Four months later, in May 2008, an Auburn woman says she was at The Iron Horse Bar in Hoover when Morrison approached her while she sat in her truck. She says Morrison told her he was working off duty at the bar and "kept spouting off a badge number." She says he offered to take her to her brother's house, telling her she was too drunk to drive. Instead, the woman says he took her to a parking lot at the galleria mall, fondled her. Then took her to a second location where he raped her.

A third woman, Wendy Bell, testified that she met Morrison in March, 2008. Also at The Iron Horse Bar, she says he approached her and a friend who were carrying water out of the bar and told them they weren't allowed to take drinks out. The woman said Morrison followed them out the car and told her he was a Hoover police officer and that he worked at the bar sometimes.  She says he asked for her phone number but claims they only spoke once.

Morrison, a former soldier and manager of several fast food restaurants, took the stand in his own defense. He was the only defense witness. He told jurors that he had never even met the first woman. And he says it was the second woman who offered sex to him. He denied ever telling her he was a police officer.

But during cross examination, Morrison admitted that he had lied in portions of his statement he'd given to police in June 2008.  He also admitted to lying on the stand in his own testimony.

Also in 2008, Morrison was charged in Montgomery County with impersonating a police officer, but those charges were dropped.  Closing arguments in the Jefferson County case beginning Wednesday morning.