City says no to topless bar

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Birmingham city councilors say no to a proposed topless club opening up shop. The now Derby Junction on Derby Way has new owners who want to change the name to Sensation Palace and allow topless dancing.

Dozens of upset residents, mayors from surrounding cities and church pastors filled the council chambers to speak out against the club. One pastor said, "I think its appropriate their naming the place 'Sensation Palace,' there's something about sin that's just ugly." Another woman, who lives near the site said, "crime in our area is rare, and ladies and gentlemen, we want to keep it that way." In the end, not only did Birmingham city leaders vote to deny the license to allow topless dancing, they also denied the new owners liquor license.

Attorney for the proposed owners Donald Blankenship says he will file suit against the city. "This was arbitrary and capricious...because they had no reason to turn it down.....this is a business district, this is a legitimate business enterprise protected by the constitution and I think the people there were just against go- go dancing. My answer to them is don't show up."