Morning news update

Michael Jackson public memorial set for today

The stage is set for one of the biggest celebrity funerals ever. A public memorial for Michael Jackson takes place in Los Angeles at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time, 12:00 Central time. The service will be a star-studded event with performances by numerous celebrities. Not of all Jackson's fans will be able to attend as only a limited number of tickets were distributed. Stevie wonder, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson are just three of the superstars set to appear at Michael Jackson's final curtain call. Dozens more stars are expected. 8,750 lucky fans have already received a pair a tickets and the golden wrist band needed to get in. These were randomly picked out of the 1.6 million people who registered. Officials are preparing for an onslaught of on-lookers, perhaps in the hundreds of thousands. The memorial will be broadcast around the world. For those who want to view Michael's last dance in a communal setting, 88 movie theaters around the nation will be simulcasting the event. Officials will not say how large the police presence will be during the memorial, but the numbers are expected to rival the massive force that was on hand during the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

President Obama meets with Vladimir Putin

Today, President Obama met with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The President calls the talks an "excellent opportunity" to put U.S.-Russian relations on a strong footing. He hopes to convince Russia that their interests coincide with those of the United States. Putin says despite strained relations, he is glad for the opportunity to be acquainted with President Obama

Date set to remove federal role in Jeffco sewer system

A federal judge has set a date to close the federal court's role in the Jefferson County sewer system. Barring any appeals, all proceedings in the case will be stayed on July 20th. Judge David Proctor terminated the plaintiffs' motion for the appointment of a receiver. Bond insurers had filed a federal lawsuit against Jefferson County, seeking a receiver with the power to set rates. In June, Proctor ruled federal law would not allow him to set a receiver.

Governor Riley: no bailout for Jeffco

Jefferson County should not count on Governor Bob Riley for a 30-million dollar loan from the state. A spokesman for the Governor announced Monday that there would be no bailout for the county. Last week, Birmingham Senator Rodger Smitherman sent a letter to Riley asking him if money could be found to prevent massive county layoffs and service cuts. Meanwhile, Jefferson County Circuit Judge Dan King has stepped down from the legal fight between sheriff mike hale and the county commission. King says that he receives a supplement from the county that could be perceived as a conflict of interest. It is now up to the Alabama Supreme Court to decide if King's temporary restraining order preventing the commission from cutting the sheriff's budget will be extended or overturned.

Langford refuses to submit new budget

Mayor Larry Langford says he will not submit a new budget, despite a request from the city council. On Monday, councilors demanded a leaner budget. That is after learning the city is actually in a 17-million dollar deficit with the mayor dipping into the city's savings account to pay bills. Council members want lower spending and no pay cuts for city workers.