Evening news update


Two suspects in custody for murder of Fairfield jewelry store owner

Two suspects in a Fairfield jewelry store owner's murder are now in custody.  Police and U.S. Marshals arrested Perry Cauthen, Jr. and Edward Morsby within hours of each other on Friday morning. Authorities caught Cauthen in Birmingham in an apartment on Pearson Avenue.  Marshals arrested Morsby a few hours later on an Interstate in Virginia.  Police say Morsby was wearing a t-shirt saying, "I'm the one that got away." Fairfield Police Chief Pat Mardis said "Fortunately for us, this entire heinous crime was on video tape...this idiot even looked up at the camera when he killed this man cold bloodedly." Mardis said investigators believe Morsby is the gunman in the Thursday murder of a Fairfield business owner.  He was caught Friday morning in Virginia while pumping gas wearing a t-shirt police call idiotic. Perry Cauthen, Jr., the second suspect, was led into a jail cell at the Fairfield Jail on Friday.  Police do not think he fired any shots, but even still are seeking capital murder warrants against him.  Mardis says the evidence investigators have will show Cauthen willingly participated.  "This is very serious and I don't believe in leniency when it comes to homicide..I will be pursuing this to the fullest extent." Police say the duo were allegedly headed to a family reunion in Baltimore.  Mardis says the robbery and murder of Trieu Cao Duong was definitely planned out.  "These guys spent a considerable amount of time in that store.  Before this incident occurred they were shopping, looking around at different merchandise and even after they shot the store owner they still spent a considerable amount of time in the store. Morsby, unless he waives an extradition hearing, will be picked up by Fairfield Police in Virginia.  Cauthen has been transferred to the Jefferson County jail, and is being held with no bond.

One dead, two injured in car accident

One person was killed and two people were injured when a car ran off the road in Pratt City on Friday. Birmingham Police & Firefighters responded to the scene around 12:00 p.m. on Friday at Pratt Highway between Avenue W and Bankhead Highway. Reportedly, one car ran off of the road and hit a tree. Three people were ejected from the vehicle. One was pronounced dead on the scene of the accident, and the other two people were transported to the hospital for treatment. The names of the victims involved in the accident have not yet been made available.

Man arrested after police chase in Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa Police have nabbed a suspected car thief after a high speed chase, and they are saying he is no ordinary thief. Officers caught Deandre Robertson, and they say he may have pulled off more than 50 vehicle break-ins and thefts over the last few months. He was caught on Friday morning after a fifteen minute police chase through Tuscaloosa. Police say that more charges against Robertson are possible.

Several families lose their home in morning apartment fire

Several families lost their homes in an early morning apartment fire in Birmingham on Friday. Only the walls were left standing at the apartment building on 15th Street North after fire roared through the building just before 5:00 a.m. The Red Cross is working with victims from a dozen units to get them shelter, food, and clothing.

Case of mother murdering her son to go to jury next week

The case of a north Alabama mother charged with her son's murder in a house fire will go to the jury next week. Christie Scott's capital murder trial is now in its fourth week. It ended with Scott on the stand, testifying in her own defense. Prosecutors relentlessly questioned Scott about three life insurance policies she had on her six-year old son. One of the policies was taken out just a day before the fatal fire. Closing arguments in the trial will be held on Monday in Russellville. Deliberations could begin as early as Monday afternoon.

Legal motions denied for Mayor Langford

A legal setback on Friday for Birmingham mayor Larry Langford as a federal judge denied several defense motions in Langford's case. Langford has been charged with co-defendants Bill Blount and Al LaPierre. Langford was arrested in December on charges of fraud, bribery, and conspiracy. His trial begins next month in federal court.

New fishing pier to open soon in Gulf Shores

Alabama is about to reopen a pier on the Gulf of Mexico for the first time since the pier was destroyed during Hurricane Ivan in 2004. A ribbon cutting for the new pier is set for July 23. The new pier is more than 1,500 feet long - about twice as long as the old pier. It ends in water nearly 30 feet deep, which opens new opportunities to catch fish that were out of reach on the old pier.