Editorial: 60th Anniversary

Here are the viewer responses to this week's editorial comments:

Voicemail #1

Thank you for your comment to this week's editorial.Hi this is T.M. I've enjoyed watching channel 6 for nearly 60 years. I remember watching Country Boy Eddy with my mother. She started watching Mickey Ferguson and used to call me and tell me about what Mickey Ferguson said and Janice Rogers and the gang on Good Day Alabama. I wrote Mickey a letter and told him about and told him about mother passing away. He wrote me the sweetest note thanking me for telling him that.

Voicemail #2

This is Kathy from Birmingham

I would just like to tell you about a time when Janet Hall and Channel 6 helped me finish some Christmas gift. I was looking for a stuffed animal for my nephew. I had looked high and low for a particular character. I turned on Channel 6 one afternoon and there was Janet Hall and her little son and they were in a store, and her son was playing with a stuffed animal of that character. I called Channel 6, left a message and someone called me back to let me know what store she was in. Janet Hall and Channel 6 thank you for helping me Christmas 1996.

Thank you for your responses to this week's editorial. We look forward to hearing more comments from you on future issues.