Afternoon news update

JCCEO bus shot multiple times

Birmingham police are investigating the shooting of a JCCEO bus. The JCCEO is an organization that helps handicapped seniors and is actively involved in the community. The bus was found with multiple bullet holes in the windows. Due to the vandalism the JCCEO will not be able to pick up and transport handicapped seniors who were expecting their services.

Police investigate stabbing near Birmingham church

Birmingham police are also investigating a stabbing that happened near a Birmingham church. Police report that a man was stabbed in an alley near the 100 block of Fourteenth Street North. After the man was stabbed, police say he ran to the Church of the Reconciler looking for help. The church is a place that helps feed and house homeless. Paramedics say it appears that the man's injuries do not appear to be life threatening. We talked to Pastor Kevin hags. He was the person who called 911. No arrest has been made, if you have any information that can help police please give them a call.

Shooting victim name released

Birmingham police have released the name of a man killed overnight. Investigators say 35-year-old Mewburn Humphrey was shot to death at a home in the 800-block of Center Way Southwest in the Titusville community. There is no word of any suspects in the case.

Jeffco Commission works with county lawmakers to resolve money problems

The Jefferson County Commission continues to work with state lawmakers about a plan that could avoid layoffs and massive budget cuts. During Good Day Alabama, State Senator Rodger Smitherman told FOX6 News that he is writing a letter asking Governor Bob Riley for a 25 to 30 million dollar loan to cover the counties debt for the remainder of the year. Smitherman also says the delegation may consider working on a new job tax bill but would require more oversight of the commission. One piece of oversight commissioners want would be a county manager. Smitherman says a special session could be called after Labor Day but that decision would have to be made by Governor Riley.

Katopodis convicted on all charges

Former Jefferson County Commissioner John Katopodis is now in federal custody. A jury convicted him of 97 counts of mail and wire fraud. Prosecutors said Katopodis took 160-thousand dollars from a charity he co-founded and used that money to gamble and pay for trips. Defense lawyer Jim Parkman says he was surprised by the verdict. Parkman says he will appeal.  The judge will sentence Katopodis on October 28th. He faces up to 20 years in prison for each count.

No fireworks in Jasper

There will be no fireworks for the city of Jasper for the Fourth of July. They have cancelled the show to save money. The city's annual fireworks show costs about 25 to 30-thousand dollars, and this year the mayor and council decided that money was needed to keep paying city employees and maintain city services. City staff say they believe this is a temporary and hopefully only 1-year move.