Ethridge Brothers helps Wenonah High student succeed

Reginald Gatson found direction after a class at Wenonah High School teamed him up with a Birmingham businessman this summer.  Willie Etheridge, Junior is part of the Etheridge Brothers Barbershop Dynasty and reached out to students sharing his business wisdom. Gatson was all ears apparently, his grades had begun to slide and apparently could not make sense of school.

Dr. Gerald Austin arranged the hook up allowing Reggie Gatson to work in Etheridge Brothers Barber Shop this summer through a program called Mega International and Associates Youth Entrepreneur Program. It is a collaboration between the Center for Urban Missions, UAB and many other agencies. But here's the bottom line, according to Austin," Reggie represents hundreds and hundreds of students in our schools. Reginald in his own admission was struggling academically"  ..."he turned around a failing academic track record to completing the 11th grade and now he's going into 12th grade at Wenonah High School and his is working this summer under probably one of the finest barbering institutions in the state.

Reggie told us before this he didn't know what he wanted to do, but he can see a future being a barber and working towards being owner his own business.