Birmingham departments could be cut by 7%

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) -- Could Birmingham City departments be cut by 7% in the city's 2010 budget? It's the lastest revised plan to have a balanced budget by Tuesday morning. But Mayor Larry Langford is saying not so fast. The Mayor's original budget equaled out to $415.8 million, but it's been changed drastically by city councilors. "We know we were recommending a 7 percent cut from the departments," says City Councilor Valerie Abbott. Langford says that absolutely won't happen, "if that's true that dog will not're not gonna cut public safety 5 percent, or fire by're not gonna cut any of these services by, I'm sorry 7 percent"

Councilors also plan to put money back in for local non-profit agencies and organizations, previously cut by Langford.

City Councilor Carol Duncan asys, "the non profits have been restored..some of them to full funding, some of them not

Langford says as of late Monday afternoon he and his staff had not been sent the budget.

Councilors took $26-million out of the budget, saying it was money already committed to projects. Mayor Larry Langford says that's absolutely not the case. He says the money is rolled over from last year..excess revenues from the 2009 budget. "We've explained that till were blue in the face and so the bottom line is if they give me back a budget that excludes that 26 million dollars, they can't do it anyway," Langford said. The mayor says according to the Mayor-Council Act, the council can't cut that money out of the budget.

"Its not going to do anything because I'll veto the budget...theres no reason to do any of what they're doing...they don't know what they're doing"