Hoover sees increase in car break-ins

Hoover Police have seen a surge in car break-ins in the west part of town near South Shadescrest Road in the last few weeks. In most cases, investigators say the car owners left their vehicles parked in driveways unlocked or with valuables like electronics sitting in the front seat.

Captain James Coker tells FOX6 News, "Basically you park your car at home and go into the 'I'm at home' mode. But we would like to recommend that no matter where you are, out in public, at home. Lock your car, secure your trunk. If you have any valuables take them inside, lock your car."

Hoover Police sent out an email alerting residents their cars may be targeted, and reminding them to just use common sense to protect their property.

"What we would like to do here with the community is make them our eyes and ears. So let's alert everybody, number one, be safe with your own property. And number two, be a good witness for us," Coker said.