Bone marrow donor register drive

Efforts to help one young woman battle a fatal disease may help thousands of others in the process. A bone marrow drive was held Monday at Miles College, to help Ashante Sloan.  She is the daughter of the late president of Miles College, Dr. Albert Sloan. She has a rare, fatal blood disease called Aplastic anemia. Sloan says it is a disease that usually affects children; however the 30-year-old was diagnosed in October 2008.

More than 175 people turned out to register to be a donor. The process is a fairly quick one, which includes filling out paper work and then taking four swabs of your mouth from each corner to get a DNA sample. The swabs are then sent off and a person is then officially registered.

Sloan says today's drive is about more than just her. She says she hopes it will help thousands of those who are sick, especially those who are African-Americans.  She says there are very few donors in that community, so efforts like the one today will make a difference.