Entrance to new Leeds High incomplete

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Leeds Mayor Eric Patterson is upset the road and entrance to the new Leeds High School isn't complete yet.

A mound of dirt and rocks are at the entrance of the school because the paving project has been held up.

The mayor blames the Leeds Public Education Building Authority for not allocating $1.2 million promised to the city to complete the project.

If the road isn't complete when school starts in August, students, faculty and buses would have to travel a back entrance to the school.

That back entrance on Coosa Avenue is a narrow, winding road that the mayor says is not safe.

FOX 6 News tried to get in contact with someone with the public education building authority to get the other side of the story, but phone calls were not returned.

The mayor says crews need to start the paving project by next week, otherwise the entrance would not be finished by the first day of school, and the back entrance to the school would be the only way to the new campus.