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updated December 17, 2002 2:37 p.m.

Two Military Veterans 'Guard' 10 Commandments Monument

The controversial 10 Commandments monument in the Alabama Supreme Court building is under 'guard' Tuesday. We're not talking about trained guards with guns, but a couple of military veterans who took part in the 10 Commandments rally Monday at the Alabama Capitol.

The Supreme Court building manager gave them permission to 'guard' the monument provided they remain silent.

Chief Justice Roy Moore is said to be okay with the arrangement. The two 'guards' are members of the American Veterans in Domestic Defense. That's the group that organized Monday's rally. The group says volunteers will guard the monument over the next few days.

Federal Judge Myron Thompson has ruled the monument is unconstitutional and is expected to make another ruling on Thursday that the monument be taken out within 15 days. Justice Moore's attorneys have already appealed.

Reporter: Bryan Henry

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