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FOX6 WBRC Weather is On Your Side!

FOX 6 WBRC-TV, the Raycom Media television station in Birmingham, Alabama, is excited to launch a new, full-featured StormWarn and weather forecast app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android mobile platforms!


• Search WBRC Wx in the iTunes App Store or Google Play (formerly known as Android Market)
Download for iPhone/iPod Touch in iTunes
Download for iPad in iTunes
Download for Android device

NOTE: If you are looking for the new iMap Weather Radio iPhone app, click here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imapweather-radio/id413511993?mt=8#



Point your Android phone camera at the QR code above and scan it, then follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the installation.


Features include push alerts for severe weather warnings and the ability to submit weather photos and videos to FOX6 News.

The alerts are sent based on the device’s location, using GPS. This means you don't have to select any particular county - you are simply warned if severe weather is threatening the current location of your device.

You can customize what type or "class" of alert you wish to receive, or choose to select none. Severe weather is selected by default. Options include:


"Severe" is the default selection if you opt-in on the first install of the app. Opting in to notifications is an Apple requirement.

To customize the alert settings, click the "i" icon in the top right corner of the app screen. Then, scroll down to the "Weather Alerts" and select which type of alert you want. Once you have selected your type, click "Done" at the top of the app screen.

If you are running iOS 5.0 or newer, you can also customize how you want your alerts displayed. To do this, go to the Settings app on your iPhone, then click "Notifications" and then select "WBRC Wx" and follow the instructions.

Other WBRC Weather app features:

• The ability to plot watch and warning outlines from either the US National Weather Service or Environment Canada. For example, users can overlay current radar over the outline of the latest severe thunderstorm warning.
• "As you type" location searching will make adding additional locations to your favorite list easier and more intuitive. In addition, changes have been made to the overall user interface for location editing.
• Interactive map optimized for 3G and WiFi performance
• Vertical and horizontal map display with animated radar map looping
• NOWRAD, a highly responsive modern radar map display
• Storm tracking to show which way storms are moving
• Current temperatures, high temperature, low temperature, dewpoint
• Highest resolution satellite cloud imagery available
• Exclusive Road Weather Index (patent pending)
• Color-coded weather alerts arranged by severity
• Fully-integrated GPS for current location awareness
• Integrated compass overlay for iPhone 3GS and 4 models
• Video forecasts from the FOX6 WBRC Weather team
• Accurate 10-day forecasts with both daily and hourly detail
• Sunrise, sunset, UV index
• Ability to easily save your favorite locations
• Customize display settings for map layers (radar, satellite, road weather, wind speed, tropical satellite)
• Custom overlays (turn on or off): Earthquakes, Storm Tracks, Tropical Tracks, Compass
• Display temperature units in Farenheit or Celsius
• Display wind units in Mph or Kph
• Full-featured and user tested
• Earthquake plotting - tap on an earthquake to display its detail
• Full featured and user tested
• Weather Widget for unlock page
• Storm Track Plotting
• Tropical Track Plotting
• Status bar alert acknowledgement
• Alerts over map on/off switch in settings
• English and Spanish support (version 1.6 and higher)


1) How do I navigate to other screens in the app?

To navigate to other screens in the app tap the menu button then make a selection: Map , 10 Day , Hourly , Alerts , Help , or, when available, Video .

2) How do I view help?

To view help tap the menu  button then select Help .

3) How do I customize the app?

There are a number of settings you can customize including the map layer, overlays, units, notification behavior and alerts. To customize any of these settings,

a. Tap from any screen (except the Help screen).
b. Adjust the parameters on the Settings screen to customize your app.
c. Tap to apply your changes.

4) How do I add a location to my list of saved locations?

To add a new location,

a. Tap to open the Locations screen.
b. Tap .
c. Enter city name, zip code, latitude/longitude coordinates or 4-letter airport code.

For latitude/longitude remember to enter "-" in front of a value in the Western Hemisphere and south of the equator.

d. Tap to search.
e. Make a selection from the results presented.
f. Tap  to apply your changes.

5) How do I delete a location from the list?

To delete a location,

a. Tap  to open the Locations screen.
b. Click  to the right of the location you wish to delete.
c. Confirm your action when prompted.
d. Tap  to apply your changes.

6) How do I set the home location?

The home location is the default location used when the app first starts up; it is also the location used in the notification bar.

To establish the home location,

a. Tap  to open the Locations screen.
b. Select the location from the list.
c. Tap  associated with the location you wish to make the default; the star will turn color .
d. Tap  to apply your changes.

7) How do I change the current map layer?

To change the current map layer,

a. Tap  from any screen (except the Help screen).
b. Tap  in the Map Layers section.
c. Enable the toggle associated with the layer you wish to display; you may only choose one.
You may need to slide the menu up or down to find all available layers.
d. Tap  to apply your changes.

8) How do I enable or disable overlays?

To enable (display) or disable (hide) an overlay (e.g. earthquakes, storm tracks, tropical tracks) on the map,

a. Tap to display the Settings screen.
b. Tap the toggle to the right of the overlay to enable or disable it.
c. Tap  to apply your changes.

9) How do I show the compass and what does it tell me?

To display a compass on the map layer,

a. Tap  to display the Settings screen.
b. Enable the Show Compass toggle.
c. Confirm, if prompted, whether you wish to allow the app to find your current location.
d. Tap  to apply your changes.

The current location is indicated by a blue pin head .
The cone radiating from the pin head shows direction the device is pointing.
To toggle the compass on/off from the map layer (once it has been enabled) tap the blue pin head .

10) How do I change the temperature and wind speed units from English to metric?

To change the units of measurement for the temperature and wind speed,

a. Tap  to display the Settings screen.
b. Tap  in the Units section next to the units you wish to change (temperature or wind speed).
c. Enable the toggle associated with the unit of choice (°F or °C, Mph or Kph).
d. Tap to apply your changes.

Changes will affect all temperatures and wind speeds displayed throughout the application (including legends in the map depicting these two parameters. However, the forecast text depicted in the 10-day detailed pages will not be affected by these settings.

11) How do the weather app's status bar notifications work?

When enabled (see #12), notifications for the home location are displayed when the app is first launched. An alert icon will display on the status bar for any active alerts otherwise current temperature is displayed.

Pull down on the notification icon to display all notifications; tap a specific notification to start the weather app or to acknowledge (and clear) the alert.

12 ) How do I enable/ disable notifications from the app in the notification bar?

To display or hide weather notifications,

a. Tap to display the Settings screen.
b. Enable or disable the Status bar notifications toggle.
c. Tap  to apply your changes.

13) How do I clear a notification alert?

Pull down on the notification icon on the status bar to display all notifications; tap a specific notification to start the weather app or to acknowledge (and clear) the alert.

14) How do I enable the weather app widget on my home screen?

To include the weather app widget on your home screen,

a. Find an empty location on your home screen.
b. Tap-and-hold the location on the home screen then select  Widgets from the Add to home screen menu.
c. From the Choose widget menu, navigate down to the weather app's widgets; note there are two sizes.
d. Choose the forecast type: hourly (out 3 hours) or daily (out 3 days).
e. Confirm your selections.

15) How do I make changes to the widget once it has been added to the Home screen?

You can change the forecast type for an existing weather app widget,

a. Locate the widget on the home screen.
b. Tap  on the widget.
c. Select a new forecast type from the Choose the forecast type screen: hourly (out 3 hours) or daily (out 3 days).
d. Confirm your selections.

16) How do I remove the widget from the home screen?

To remove the weather app widget from the home screen,

a. Tap-and-hold the widget on the home screen.
b. Drag-and-drop the widget into the trash can.

17) How do I enable/disable weather alerts for the map layer?

a. Tap  to display the Settings screen.
b. Enable or disable the Weather alerts over maps toggle.
c. Tap  to apply your changes.

When a weather alert is active for the home (default) location a tab will display over the map at the top of the map screen.

18) How do I clear an alert that is being displayed over the map?

To clear the alert from the map screen tap the  associated with the tab.

19) How do I view the detailed weather alert associated with an alert tab?

To view the detailed weather alert screen associated with an alert tab simply tap on the alert tab.

20) How do I view the detailed forecast in the 10-day forecast page?

To display the detailed forecast for any of the 10-day forecast days, tap on the day you wish to view. To go forward a day swipe from right to left; to go back a day swipe from left to right.

21) I can't get the app for my Android phone. It says the page cannot be found.

Our app is only supported on Android V 2.1 and above. You would need to upgrade to a later OS to install the app. More details can be found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wbrc.android.weather&hl=en.

For more information, or for help in answering questions about this app, please contact the FOX6 WBRC-TV web team at web@wbrc.com.

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For more information about the FOX6 WBRC Weather app please contact the FOX6 Web team at web@wbrc.com.

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