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  Heart Gallery Alabama: Carlisha and Anthony

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Heart Gallery Alabama: Ethan & Austin

Ethan and Austin have always been placed together. Ethan is very protective of his younger brother. Ethan is very talkative and social. Austin is a bit more shy.

Heart Gallery Alabama: Calvin

Calvin, born March 2004, is a very fun and energetic kid. wants to be an NBA star when get older, but if that doesn’t work out he wants to be a lawyer. Calvin is looking for a loving family who will spend time with him and support him.

Heart Gallery Alabama: Jaovani

Jaovani enjoys playing basketball and video games. His favorite subject in school is English.

Heart Gallery Alabama: Kenneth

Kenneth enjoys singing, drawing and learning to play instruments. He also enjoys attending football games and church.

Heart Gallery Alabama: Mariah

Mariah is a sweet and somewhat shy girl with a bright smile. She enjoys girly things, makeup and clothes. Mariah likes sports and describes herself as smart, nice and responsible.

Heart Gallery Alabama: Tristen

Tristen, born in June 2005, enjoys playing video games and computer-based educational games. He is fascinated with nature and wildlife, so he enjoys time outside and related craft projects. He is sweet and loving.

Heart Gallery Alabama: Amy

Amy, born June 2001, is a loving child who tries hard to please. She loves to play with baby dolls and Barbies. She also likes playing outside: swinging, climbing and running. Amy is looking for a family to give her the guidance and love that will help her grow.

Heart Gallery Alabama: Christopher

Christopher was born in January 2005. He is very sweet, outgoing and likeable. He is a kind, friendly child who will be an asset to any family.

Heart Gallery Alabama: Abby

Abby is very optimistic about situations and tries to be positive as much as possible. She would like to be in a family that has other children.

Heart Gallery Alabama: Jesse

Jesse is an active young man who enjoys church and watching movies. He is looking forward to a patient and understanding forever family who will love him unconditionally.

Heart Gallery: Angelina


Heart Gallery Alabama: Jordan

Heart Gallery Alabama: Jordan

Heart Gallery: Jhirosky & Avante

Jhirosky & Avante

Heart Gallery Alabama: Joshua

Heart Gallery Alabama: Joshua

Heart Gallery Alabama: Shamya

Heart Gallery Alabama: Shamya

Heart Gallery: Seth

Heart Gallery: Seth