Doing Good

  Joy Craddock “Doing Good” on MLK Day

On MLK Day, many people will be doing volunteer work as a way of honoring civil rights icon, Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. Joy Craddock will be leading the way for one community, as part of HandsOn Birmingham.

  Christmas Decorators “Doing Good”

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Birmingham Optimists “Doing Good” as Salvation Army Bellringers

Calvin Tucker “Doing Good” for Homeless Cats

Ama Shambulia, “Doing Good” at the WE Cafe

Bryan Kirkland; a good neighbor “Doing Good”

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  Fazo the Clown ‘Doing Good’ at UAB

Ted Speaker ‘Doing Good’ at The Crisis Center

Sherry Webb “Doing Good” at First Light Shelter

Dr. Tom Edwards “Doing Good” at Hope Health Center

Danielle Wilson “Doing Good” at Children’s Harbor Family Center