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While the world's aged infrastructure is failing at alarming rates, LPC’s pipe lining technologies provide solutions that benefit every customer. Our patented pipe system rehabilitation processes utilize existing access points, as well as the host pipe, to prevent invasive, destructive, wasteful repairs. LPC’s Nu Line system and Nu Drain system rehabilitate pressurized and nonpressurized piping systems, respectably, which saves our customers money and time. Independently studied and certified by all necessary organizations, our pipe lining technologies serve as proven long-term solutions to extend the useful life of inside infrastructure.

LPC’s Trenchless Technology Benefits: • Approximately half the cost of a traditional repipe • Epoxy coating/liner separates the flow of water/waste/gas from touching the pipes • Nonintrusive and nondestructive technologies • No business shutdown or tenant/resident displacement • No messy, inconvenient or unsafe demolition • An effective long-term solution.

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