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In October 2010, 11 people - including four state senators, were indicted by the federal government on charges of bribery and conspiracy surrounding Alabama electronic bingo legislation. The charges came after federal investigators collected evidence suggesting attempts by casino owners and lobbyists to influence legislators.

Since the indictments, two of the 11 have entered guilty pleas. Trial for the remaining nine defendants began June 6 at the federal courthouse in Montgomery.

On August 11, after seven days of deliberations, the jury announced it was deadlocked on some of the charges. The judge agreed to let the jury announce verdicts on the charges in which they had reached a unanimous decision and declare a mistrial on the deadlocked counts. The jury returned NOT GUILTY verdicts on all counts in which they had reached a unanimous decision.

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The Defendants

Milton McGregor
Ronnie Gilley*
Robert Geddie
Thomas Coker
Jarrod Massey*
Harri Anne Smith
Larry Means
James Preuitt
Quinton Ross
Jarrell Walker
Joseph Crosby

*entered guilty pleas

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