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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Our Services

  1. Conserve water — lawn sprinklers account for 25-75% of water consumption
  2. Save money on water — and then use it for other items in the budget
  3. Use less energy processing wastewater
  4. Reduce contaminant runoff to local ecosystems (lakes, streams, rivers, etc.)
  5. Minimize erosion of top soil
  6. R educe mosquito populations by minimizing their habitat
  7. Better comply with water restrictions
  8. Promote healthy growth of the landscape
  9. Put more money in the local economy — we staff local, eat local, and stay local
  10. Our 5 year warranty frees your employees to focus on other projects
  11. Sprinkler System Installation
  12. Sprinkler System repairs/service work
  13. Sprinkler System upgrade

Who We Are...

The American Water Conservation Specialist Group (AWCSG) is committed to helping companies and municipalities conserve water. For more than twenty years we’ve been applying our knowledge of irrigation to improve the bottom line for our customers (and help the planet while doing it).

Utilizing readily-available system components, our unique process achieves major reductions in landscape water consumption—50% less water on average.

Our methods come from numerous authoritative sources, including the Alabama Cooperative extension service, planet, state of Alabama agricultural department, University of Florida, and various professional organizations.

What We do...

As water conservation specialists we improve the consumption, flow, and use of water in land care irrigation systems with the goal of conserving water while maintaining healthy landscapes.

Why is Water Conservation an opportunity?

Traditionally, the availability of water has not been a major concern in the United States. That, however, is rapidly changing. By 2025, the entire United States is projected to be in some level of drought condition. Watering restrictions will be the norm.

Water is one of the most abundant resources on earth, however only 1-2% of the water available is actually drinkable. Irrigation systems for most consumers and commercial industries tap directly into the drinkable water supply.

While the supply of water on earth is fixed, the demand for fresh water is exploding at a rapid rate. Not only is the population increasing, but in the United states alone the per capita water use has increased eightfold in the last 10 years, as technology and lifestyle improvements have led to the increase in water consumption.

Efforts to conserve water inside the home have been in place since the 1960’s, but very little has been done outside the home to conserve this valuable natural resource despite the fact that landscape needs account for up to 50% of the water consumed by the average U.s. household annually. Inefficient irrigation systems and incorrect watering schedules are estimated to waste as much as 75% of the water applied to plants and lawns.

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