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November 18, 2001 8:00 p.m.

Florida Christian Ministry Taped Installation of Ten Commandments Monument

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore didn't sneak his Ten Commandments monument into the State Judicial Building under the cover of darkness, as some believed. Moore did it under the bright glare of TV lights and a camera.

The only known video of the Ten Commandments monument being installed in Montgomery is available from the Reverend D. James Kennedy's Coral Ridge Ministries. Coral Ridge spokesman John Aman in Fort Lauderdale, Florida says Moore has a long-standing relationship with the ministry, and they were happy to cover the monument installation "for obvious reasons."

Moore allowed Coral Ridge Ministries to make a video of that display when video crews from Alabama TV stations had not been informed of it. The footage of the installation in the State Judicial Building was included in one of Kennedy's weekly TV shows. Video cassette copies of that show are offered by Kennedy's organization for a suggested donation of $19.

Coral Ridge Ministries' Web site notes that it donated $130,000 to help cover Moore's legal expenses stemming from litigation over the Ten Commandments plaque in his Etowah County courtroom. Now the organization is offering to help Moore again with legal expenses as he fights two lawsuits challenging the Ten Commandments monument in the State Judicial Building. Aman said Coral Ridge Ministries believes the lawsuits threaten people's ability to acknowledge God in public places.

You'll find Coral Ministries on the web at www.coralridge.org.

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