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December 15, 6:45pm

Alabama Gets New Supreme Court For Roy Moore Appeal

Alabama is about to get an entirely new slate of Supreme Court Justices, but only to hear one case - the appeal of former Chief Justice Roy Moore. The selections happened just hours after all eight current Justices recused themselves from hearing the appeal because of their earlier involvement in the case.

But first, all of the seven have to agree to serve, and so far only one person has said "yes." That's retired Supreme Court Justice Janie Shores. The names were put in a box of retired judges or Justices from either the State Supreme Court, or the Court of Criminal or Civil Appeals, as well as those retired from Circuit and District Courts around the state. In all, twenty names were pulled, even though only seven will serve on the temporary court. The other names are there in case someone say's "no."

So far, one person has already said "no." That's Franklin County Circuit Judge John Jolly who says he won't be able to serve. So, the court went to the next name on the list which is retired Supreme Court Justice Renau Almon from Montgomery.

The former Chief Justice changed his mind about recusing himself. "I wanted to be unanimous with the other members of the court. We've been unanimous since this tragedy started, and I deferred to their reasoning."

Another familiar name on the list of seven is former Governor and Criminal Appeals Judge John Patterson. No word yet on whether he will accept.

Reporter: Eileen Jones

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