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November 20, 6:25 a.m

Lawsuit to be Filed Over Firing of Roy Moore

Supporters of former Chief Justice Roy Moore plan to file a federal lawsuit tomorrow claiming he was illegally removed from office by the Court of the Judiciary. Attorney Jim Zeigler says he'll file the suit on behalf of Christian talk show host Kelly McGinley of Mobile.

She claims she was "disenfranchised" as a voter by the removal of Moore for his refusal to obey a federal court order to remove his Ten Commandments monument. The suit asks a federal judge in Mobile to order Moore back to duty as chief justice, arguing that his ouster last week amounted to overturning his 2000 election.

The suit says McGinley's right to vote and her right to due process have been "grossly violated" by the defendants' actions that have "voided her lawful cast vote." Defendants in the suit are Attorney General Bill Pryor, the state of Alabama, the Judicial Inquiry Commission, the Court of Judiciary, and state Comptroller Robert Childree, whose office pays state officials.

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