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New Information, August 27, 6:50pm

Monument Has Been Moved from Rotunda of Judicial Building

9:05am, Movers Relocating Monument 9:05am, Movers Relocating Monument
Empty Rotunda Empty Rotunda
Media and Supporters on Steps Media and Supporters on Steps
Demonstrators Laying Down in Protest Demonstrators Laying Down in Protest

The Ten Commandments monument was removed from the Alabama State Judicial Building at 9:05am Wednesday morning. It's now about 50 feet away in the media room.

The morning began for the protesters around 5:00am when they held a prayer vigil as WSFA reported live during WSFA 12 News At Sunrise. Around 6:00am protesters began to notice an increased Montgomery Police presence, and around 7:45 a.m. movers gathered around the monument with crowbars and jacks in preparation for the move. Viewers say this live on WSFA.

The movement of the monument was complete by 9:05am Wednesday morning. Moments later, WSFA learned a last minute lawsuit to stop the monuments removal was dismissed by a federal judge in Mobile. That's the same time pro-monument demonstrators laid down on the ground around the courthouse in protest the monument's removal. Rev. Patrick Mahoney spoke to WSFA 12 News live during our coverage of this story and said he is "disappointed with the decision to move the monument."

Larry Darby with American Atheists for the Separation of Church and State says moving the Ten Commandments is not only a victory for his group, but it is a victory for the citizens of Alabama.

The whole controversy started when Chief Justice Roy Moore installed the monument in the building's rotunda two years ago, and was suspended by a state judicial ethics panel last week for disobeying a federal court order to remove it.

Late Wednesday night, WSFA learned the pro-monument supporters plan to file another lawsuit in Montgomery federal court at 10 Monday morning to get the monument moved back to its original location inside the state judicial building.  WSFA has also learned that 'Focus on the Family' leader, Dr. James Dobson will be in Montgomery for a rally with the Christian Coalition of Alabama at noon Thursday.

Watch WSFA 12 News for the latest on this developing story and check for updates.

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