Pastor says EJ Bradford’s family focusing on funeral arrangements

Response to Galleria shooting arrest

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - An arrest has been made in the Riverchase Galleria shooting that happened Thanksgiving night. This arrest is a big piece of the puzzle as investigators piece together what happened.

We reached out to the family of Bradford, Jr. for reaction to all the developments in this story.

We spoke with Pastor Mike McCurle of The Rock City Church. He will be leading EJ’s funeral and he says that right now, getting through the funeral is what the family is focused on.

Due to all that they are dealing with surrounding those details, the family is choosing not to comment on Thursday’s developments.

Pastor Mike McCurle says the Bradford family attended his church and that he has been with the family every step of the way in this process. “Yesterday, I had the painful reality of helping his mother pick out a casket. This is personal to me. I had the painful reality of standing with his father as he picked out a burial plot. The painful reality of seeing her collapse at an event and not even finding the words to say,” he explains.

Pastor McCurle says the investigation has impacted many and says he has spoken to young children who are scared to return to the mall. He also sees the pain felt by Hoover city officials. “So there are a lot of people hurting behind this and the only way to heal this process or to start the healing process is with transparency,” he proclaims.

Thursday morning, Hoover officials called on ALEA to release any information they can by noon on Monday or Hoover will consider releasing the information they have. Pastor McCurle says the request is encouraging.

ALEA released the following statement:

“It is highly likely that prematurely releasing information, including video evidence, would have hampered the investigation’s progress thus far, even to the point of deterring key witnesses. As other witnesses continue to come forward, it is imperative for the integrity of the investigation that SBI continue to keep confidential information Agents obtain.”

E.J. Bradford’s funeral is set for Saturday at Boutwell Auditorium.

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