Helena council president resigns

Helena city council president steps down

HELENA, AL (WBRC) - Former Helena Council President Mike Jones has resigned.

In his resignation letter, Jones says he’s leaving the council because he has started a job as a chief of police in the town of Brookside. Jones added it requires a 24/7 commitment and it interferes with his ability to attend council meetings.

He also says he took the new job after closing his family business, Event Operations Group, on September 1 of this year.

The move leaves the city with only four council members.

“So they can still continue business (because they still have a quorum), however, we want that back to a full number of five so in the case of sickness or something else happening to one of the members,” said Mayor Mark Hall.

Hall added the council did elect a new president and will be accepting applications to appoint a new council member. They’ve got a 90 day window to fill the vacancy.

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