Former DA speaks on why investigators will not release Galleria shooting videos

Former JeffCo D.A. talks about Galleria shooting investigation

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Former Jefferson County District Attorney Mike Anderton says anytime footage - including possible body cam footage - is used in investigations like this, it is treated just like evidence.

He also says releasing any evidence before the investigation is complete could negatively impact it.

“For us to release that body cam, for us to release any kind of body cam footage or video from anywhere that might have shown something may influence a witness to tell us what they saw in the video but not what they really saw and their testimony and other statements to us may be based on something they saw on television or something they saw in the video but that’s not really what they saw,” Anderton explained.

Anderton says in investigations like this, officers sometimes use the video to find witnesses or leads. He also says depending on what is in the footage determines what happens to the video after the investigation.

“I’m not in charge of that, ALEA is in charge of that. ALEA is in charge of this investigation and they will determine when and if this can be released because I don’t know what’s on it. I have not seen any cam footage at all,” Anderton said.

If there are witnesses in the video, investigators have the responsibility to keep their identity concealed.

“No one is going to try to hide anything, but it’s all about getting to the truth and sometimes the truth takes time. But we do not want to do anything that is going to endanger an investigation,” Anderton said.

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