Former DA says investigations like Galleria Shooting can sometimes take months

Former JeffCo D.A. talks about Galleria shooting investigation

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Even though people are calling for answers now, the investigation could take months.

Former District Attorney Mike Anderton says he has seen investigations like this take 6 to 10 months.

“Law enforcement, ALEA, needs to track down every potential lead that we have to make sure that we have a true investigation,” he explains.

Tracking down the truth takes time with any investigation. The former DA tells us you want to comb through as much video and speak to as many witnesses as possible.

But there are things that the community can do to help.

“In any investigation any investigation that is out there, if you saw something that looked strange, looked weird or you saw something that somehow lead to something later on," he continues. “Call the police and tell them.”

For example if you were there that night and saw a car speed off or someone run in one direction when everyone was running in a different direction. No detail is too small. And the message investigators want you to hear?

“Give ALEA the opportunity to conduct their investigation don’t get your facts, if you will, from Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. I have seen a number of things on social media that are just wrong,” Anderton states.

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