JeffCo mother claims 5-year-old son was mistakenly left on school bus

Mother claims 5-year-old son left on school bus

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A Jefferson County mother is upset after her 5-year-old son was mistakenly left on a school bus this week, and she claims no one from the school system let her know about the incident.

The driver did take the child to his daycare when she discovered him during a check following her route.

“I’m terrified. I couldn’t even sleep last night thinking about this bus situation. I’m tired of it. I can’t deal with it no more,” said Lalata Payne, the child’s mother.

Payne said her son, who attends Gresham Elementary, was supposed to be dropped off at his daycare center Wednesday afternoon. However, that didn’t happen when it should have.

“And the owner, she was like in like disbelief. She was like the bus driver came back with him and she was nervous. He was asleep on the bus. She didn’t notice he was on the bus, until she got back to the school to park the bus," she said.

Even though the driver brought the child back, Payne claims the first she heard of it was not from the school, but when she went to pick up her son from the daycare.

“I’m more upset because no one notified me,” she said.

Payne added this is not the first incident that her family has experienced this year.

"The principal called me and she said she was sorry but she had to call the police. And we were looking for him for 2 hours,” she said.

That was on the first day of school.

Payne said her son was supposed to be dropped off near his home, but somehow ended up being dropped off near the daycare, which she had not yet enrolled him in.

In response to the situation, Jefferson County Schools issued the following statement:

“In both instances, the administration and bus driver at Gresham Elementary School followed procedures and took immediate action in order to ensure the safety of the child. We are thankful that because our bus driver followed protocol and completed their walk-through, the student was found and immediately taken to their daycare.”

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