Fairfield resident fed up with break-ins

Suspect caught on camera in home

FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - A Fairfield woman is fed up with crooks in her neighborhood and her home.

She says the house she rents has been broken into three times in roughly the last year.

On Wednesday, she got an alert on her phone and video later showed a man walking through her residence.

Nothing was taken this time. However back in March, another crook picked up everything from electronics to clothes.

"I have a different schedule every week. So, it's really just unsettling to know that someone could be there just watching and waiting for us to leave,” said Hope Jones, who lives at the house.

Jones wants neighbors to report any suspicious activity.

"I want increased patrol. I think if we could increase the neighborhood watch. You know getting out meeting your neighbors, and paying attention,” Jones said.

Fairfield Police say they are looking for the man in the video and the case is under investigation.

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