Lutzie 43 Foundation launches new 43 Key Seconds campaign

Lutzie 43 Foundation launches new 43 Key Seconds campaign

ATLANTA, GA (WBRC) - Ever since former Auburn football standout Philip Lutzenkirchen was killed in a drunken driving accident, his parents have dedicated their time talking with others about the importance of safe driving.

Soon after Lutzenkirchen’s death, his dad founded the Lutzie 43 Foundation. On Monday, the foundation announced a new campaign called 43 Key Seconds.

The Arthur M. Blank Foundation awarded the Lutzie 43 Foundation with a grant in support of the new safe driving initiative.

This campaign wants you to take 43 seconds to complete the safe driving checklist:

  • CLEAR HEAD: Ensure you have a clear head- one that is not affected by alcohol, drugs or emotions.
  • CLEAR HANDS: Have clear hands- send a text, adjust the radio and put all devices away so you can drive hands-free.
  • CLEAR EYES: Have clear eyes. Set your sights on the road ahead. Do not look to the side at a passenger or down at a text.
  • CLICK IT: Finally, click your seat belt. It’s the law and could save your life!
  • Now turn your key.

To watch the full press conference from Monday’s announcement, click here.

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