Alabama woman hopes to thank three strangers who helped her dad

Alabama woman hopes to thank three strangers who helped her dad
Donald Feagin

AUBURN, AL (WBRC) - A Birmingham woman is hoping to find and thank the three strangers who helped her father through a medical episode at a football game.

It’s no secret the South takes football seriously, and that passion only intensifies when a team plays a conference rival. The Auburn-Tennessee game last Saturday was no exception. That’s why Lorey Jenkins is grateful that three strangers, including two Volunteers fans, were able to set aside their differences and help her father who was in need.

“I hate to think what could have happened if not for the kindness of strangers,” Lorey Jenkins said.

Lorey’s father, Donald Feagin, had attended the game with his wife, his sister, and brother-in-law. As they were leaving Jordan-Hare stadium, he suddenly stopped. He told his wife he needed a minute, claiming he felt light-headed.

“My mom and aunt were just ahead of him, and turned around to see him ghost-faced,” Lorey said, “He has had issues with passing out a few times before in his life, so they knew the look that he has about to go down.”

Due to several health reasons, Donald’s family members weren’t confident that they could safely catch him if he fell. In that moment of uncertainty, an unlikely Good Samaritan stepped in to help.

“In the midst of all of this, a man wearing Tennessee gear comes up, braces himself behind my father, and is able to usher him safely to the ground as he lost consciousness,” said Lorey, “The man informed them that he was a paramedic, which is how he knew just what to do to catch him and lower him safely.”

As soon as Donald was safely on the ground, another stranger offered help. She is a nurse at St. Vincent’s Hospital, and started to check his pulse and heart rate, making sure Donald would be ok.

At that point, another Tennessee fan saw what had happened and immediately offered her aid. The stranger took the sweatshirt off her back, rolled it up, and propped it under Donald’s head. She simply asked if she could pray for them. Lorey says all three stayed with her father until medical help arrived.

Donald was taken to a local hospital, where the medical staff discovered he was hemorrhaging internally and was admitted to the ICU. Lorey tells WBRC that bleeding stopped on its own overnight. He was able to come home that Monday with no emergency surgery.

“The situation could have been so much exponentially worse if it hadn’t been for the incredible kindness of total strangers,” Lorey says, “I have nothing but gratitude for those Tennessee fans that helped my father on Saturday.”

Donald was readmitted to the ICU a few days later, but is making progress.

“We all agree that [those] people should be recognized for being helpers in the world, and [we] are super grateful,” Lorey said, hopeful that she will be able to thank those three strangers for potentially saving her father’s life.

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