Brighton PD finds gun connected to murder case that was dismissed

Brighton PD finds missing gun

BRIGHTON, AL (WBRC) - An overhaul at the Brighton Police Department may give a murder case a second chance. Police think they’ve found a murder weapon lost in a massive, messy pile of evidence.

The gun allegedly involved in the case against Cadarrien McLemore is inside a taped up evidence box according to Brighton Police Chief Larry Woods. The gun was found as the new chief was reorganizing a cluttered evidence room. "It’s like finding a needle in a haystack but we found it,” Woods said.

Last month, the murder case against McLemore was dropped after court records claim Brighton Police lost the gun and shell casings connected to the case. Chief Woods says before he took over the department, there was a haphazard evidence collection system. He then took all the evidence and put it behind lock and key inside the city’s jail cells. He’s since reorganized the evidence room and trying to bring the department into the 21st Century. The department is also working alongside other agencies to try and solve at least six other cold cases. District attorney Lynneice Washington says the cases are top priority.

"I feel so much better about all the other ones because this district attorney has us meeting since March meeting monthly to talk about all of these cases,” Woods said.

Woods says he can’t imagine what the families have been going through. "I’m sure they are on a roller-coaster ride. I haven’t talked to them, but I’m sure they’ve got to be excited to know that its going to be coming back up and hopefully they can get closure,” Woods added.

We spoke with the families this week. They are hoping for justice. The McLemore case was dropped without prejudice meaning charges can be filed again. District Attorney Lynneice Washington says she’s in the process of getting the case in front of a grand jury sooner rather than later.

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