Sentences recommended for men convicted of bribing Robinson

Sentences recommended for men convicted of bribing Robinson
Former Ala. state rep Oliver Robinson. (Source: WBRC video)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Federal prosecutors are asking for prison time for the men convicted of bribing former Alabama state representative Oliver Robinson.

Prosecutors recently filed sentencing memorandums recommending Drummond Coal executive David Roberson serve 6.5 years in prison, and that former Balch and Bingham attorney Joel Gilbert serve 8 years in prison.

For each man, prosecutors also asked for three years supervised release including 250 hours of community service per year in the north Birmingham community.

In July, a jury convicted Roberson and Gilbert of charges including bribery, wire fraud, and conspiracy.

Prosecutors had argued that the defendants paid Robinson roughly $375,000 in bribes to discourage people in north Birmingham from allowing EPA testing of their soil.

Cleanup of contamination could have reportedly cost Drummond millions of dollars if the contamination could be tied to the company’s coke plant in the community.

Robinson, who pleaded guilty and testified and testified against both men was sentenced last month to 33 months in prison.

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